How Important is Cloud Architecture for your Company?

 A robust cloud architecture and the need for good architectural design has become more important than ever.    Both  Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offer a wide range of services that require precise planning, strategic design, and experienced implementors to ensure optimal performance, scalability and cost effectiveness.   

Below are some important key factors of a well designed Cloud Architecture:

  • Scalability & Elasticity - Cloud Architects look to optimize the "Scalability and Elasticity" of each and every system they design.   They understand the need for a customers infrastructure to grow and shrink dynamically based on their workloads.   The ability to grow and shrink helps to minimize your costs while ensuring you always have right  amount resources for your current work loads.

  • Resiliency & High Availability - It is critical for companies to recover quickly from temporary outages or transient downtimes.  In addition to recovering quickly,   Cloud Architects will also build redundancy into their design in an effort to eliminate single points of failure.   

  • Security & Compliance - Most customers understand the need for security, but fail to realize how security can be designed in a cloud environment.  Cloud Architecture teams will account for data encryption, identity management and access control in their architecture design.  The team will also be sure to consider any compliance regulations and  rules required of your data.   Security is a consideration of each and every service configured in your cloud environment.

  • Cost & Maintainability- A well designed cloud architecture will be less costly then the alternative.  By nature, Cloud computing reduces infrastructure costs and many capital expenses.   You pay fore the compute and services you use.  Many cloud resources and services are managed services where the cloud vendor is responsible for all patching, updates, and availability.  Cloud architectures are easily maintained allowing your company to keep up with changing requirements.

An experienced Cloud Architecture team understands the importance of a good solution design and best practices for creating it.  We can ensure reliability, optimal performance, and cost efficiency all while creating a solution less susceptible to failure or loss of sensitive data.   We can help your company stay competitive and more agile by understanding the importance of a good Cloud Architecture and implement it with best practices.