Scott Gerold

My name is Scott Gerold and Future Systems has been my company for over 20 years. I am experienced and results-driven Software Developer and Cloud Architect with a strong specialization in Microsoft technologies. I have a proven track record of designing, developing, and implementing scalable cloud solutions to meet diverse business needs. I am proficient in various Microsoft development frameworks, cloud platforms, and DevOps practices. I am adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. Software Development and technology is my passion!

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How Can I Help?

  Custom Software Development

Custom software applications are developed to specifically suit your business, your business model, and your in-house processes. Custom software sends the message that you value your in-house processes and take your work seriously.

  Systems Integration

Systems Integration becomes a necessity when your business uses distinct systems to perform various tasks. It requires specialized functionaltiy to bring these systems together where data can be collected and analyzed.

  Mobile Application Development

We create cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on any browser or device allowing your company to leverage emerging technologies. Create new revenue streams by simply engaging with your customers on a different platform.

  Website Creation & Design

We create websites catered to your business goals. Company websites are an integral part of your company's image and marketing needs. We provide all the resources to build, consult, deploy and host your website needs.

  Cloud Modernization

Cloud migration is the process of modernizing and moving applications, systems and data from your business servers to a Cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services where you can take advantage of cloud architectures.

  Your Startup Technology Partner

Get dedicated expertise from day one while you gradually build an in-house team. We look for creative ways to make your development budget more affordable allowing you to focus primairily on building the business.